Day: September 22, 2016


International Education Week (5)

International Education Week is an opportunity to have a good time the advantages of worldwide education and exchange worldwide. Classes meet in the Language and Communication Center 229 N. thirty third (001, 011, 207) and One Drexel Plaza (Garden Level GL). As their training progresses, they would move on to prep colleges and research the classics continuing a mentor method. The Arts Leading the Way to Student Success: A 2020 Action Agenda for the Arts in Education (2015) This motion agenda will function the blueprint for the collective work of the Arts Education Partnership for the subsequent five years. You can use ArtScan , AEP’s clearinghouse of arts training insurance policies to find out information about your state. Students and Faculty/Staff could submit appropriate occasions that may occur throughout International Education Week for inclusion in our online calendar and in printed publications. Education Week Press was launched in 2002 to …