In today’s fiercely competitive job market, higher education has become more important than ever. Additionally, when reviewing applications, most recruiters keep a keen eye out for advanced degrees. As such, an MBA from an accredited school can be a boon to anyone seeking gainful employment. Not only will completing a good MBA program prepare you for the working world, it will give you a leg up on many other applicants. Jobseekers on the fence about returning to school for an MBA, would do well to consider the advantages.

1. An MBA Illustrates Commitment

Whether you’re attending school online or at a traditional college, completing an MBA program is no walk in the park. In order to earn this type of degree, you’ll need to possess a solid work ethic and consistently put your best foot forward. Seeing such a commitment through from start to finish requires tremendous fortitude and a strong aptitude for learning. Putting forth the time and effort to earn your MBA will show prospective employers that you have follow-through and aren’t afraid of hard work. Click here to learn more about how an MBA can assist you in your job search.

2. An MBA Signifies Intelligence

While it’s true that one’s level of education isn’t always the best indicator of intelligence, there’s no denying that successfully completing an MBA program takes smarts. Earning an MBA requires students to consistently process and break down new ideas, pass a wide range of exams and pen thought-provoking reports and research papers. That being the case, earning an MBA is a great way to show employers that you possess an advanced aptitude for learning.

3. An MBA Indicates Leadership

Many MBA programs emphasize building people skills and team leadership abilities. Since employers are always on the hunt for team members who embody these qualities, it’s easy to see why so many of them hold MBAs in such high esteem. Employees who are able to work well with others and step up to the plate when leadership is required are considered valuable assets in any organization.

In the current job market, simply getting one’s foot in the door can be an arduous undertaking. With the number of jobseekers far exceeding the number of available positions, employers have become exceptionally choosy about who they welcome into their ranks. That being the case, it behooves people seeking gainful employment to separate themselves from the pack and wow prospective employers. When considering ways to go about this task, you can’t go wrong with an accredited MBA program.