In addition to family, friends or good friends is a difficult part of life to be replaced. Even compared to girlfriends, friends can be faithful because they are always there for you without any word end. That’s why, when your friends are birthday, surely you want to give the best birthday present to them, right?

Because you already know how their attitude and habits, you definitely are not confused to give birthday presents. However, it will be a bit troublesome if you think of a unique birthday present like what can make your friend feel impressed and more familiar with you. This is because not all good gifts can be categorized as unique gifts. Sometimes because it is too much in the market or less in accordance with the personality, a nice gift even be impressed.

For you who are looking for a unique birthday present for your beloved friend, no need to bother. Giving it unique and useful handmade objects like below can be the right choice for you who want unique gift not easily forgotten by his friend. But that should be your record, unique birthday present for girls and guys is different. Therefore, will make it easier for you to distinguish it by dividing this birthday gift into two different categories as below.

A Unique Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriends!

Bag craft  Leather from spark and spark


Most women like bags such as handbags, tote bags, clutches, and other women’s handbags. In addition it is necessary to carry the tool, this bag is also always a complement to their appearance on various occasions. Even when your friends already have a large collection of bags, one more bag from you will never go wrong, especially if you give a unique bag, such as handmade hand made handbag from spark and spark Craft . if you want to see more gift from spark and spark just visit personalized drawstring bags .

Some of spark and spark Craft handmade handbags are wicker bags. But the plaited here is not pandan leaves, but vegetable skin. In addition to unique because of its unusual design, the type of bag provided by spark and spark Craft also ranging from handbags, sling bags, to the tote bag. Alternatively, you can also find leather bags that are combined with ethnic fabrics in this craftsman.