The CFA credential is one of the most respected and recognized investment management designations in the world. Across finance classes, CFA is one of the most preferred courses opted for. The program helps candidates gain expertise in advanced investment analysis. This is also coupled with real-world portfolio management skills. Together, this course offers a considerable career advantage.

This enables a candidate by offering him a great start to the career. The course covers concepts and skills that are of use at all stages of your career. One of the greatest merits of the course is that it can be coupled with working hours or college degrees. The course is self-paced. Alongside, the online format offers great ease to continue working and studying alongside. CFA level 2 is considered the toughest of the three levels. Hence, cfa level 2 online training is equally popular.

The certification is acclaimed globally. Across the world it is accepted that CFA certified professionals have mastered a range of topics. This includes practical portfolio management and advanced investment analysis skills. Alongside investment skills, it also strengthens the decision-making skills of an individual. This credential also happens to be the professional standard of choice formore than 31,000 investment firms worldwide.

Benefits of becoming aChartered Financial Analyst

  • It helps candidates to gain real world expertise. It helps one demonstrate their fluency with the topics with ease. The curriculum is constantly updated according to real time practices. It includes current best practices.The experience of practitionersaround the world helps to bridge real-world practices and theoreticalknowledge.
  • It offers career recognition like never before. It definitely goes a long way in helping a candidate stand out in the competitive global industry. It aids to gain instant credibility with peers, employers, and clients. People around the world are aware of the hard work, intelligence, and profound commitment ittakes to earn the charter. Thus, it helps increase one’s credibility in the market.
  • Ethical grounding is at the base of this course. It helps a candidate to learn how to apply ethical principles. The course helps demonstrate a commitment tohigh standards of accountability. The integrity that goes behind building the reputation further instills trust in the course.
  • It enables candidates to gain entry into the global community. It introduces them to a vast professional network of more than135,000 charterholders worldwide. This aids them in a huge way to gain unmatched careerresources. Not just that, it helps them to curate important relationships. The lifelong insights that it helps one garner go a long way in their professional career.
  • The employer demand for these courses is extremely high. The following organizations are amongst the biggest recruiters: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, UBS, RBC,

HSBC and Wells Fargo. The candidates are offered positions like relationship manager, risk manager, corporate financial analyst, consultant and financial adviser. A large portion of charter holders are also recruited as research analyst and portfolio managers.