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Advantages of Using Math Daily Methodological application of matter is what is referred to like maths. Mathematics is essential in our day to day lives. It is only through mathematics that we can quantify matter and be able to workout statistical data. Mathematics is a part of our lives, and we cannot avoid it. Insects apply maths in carrying out of their day today activities as they go about them. Spiders use mathematical knowledge in creating their spider webs, and the insects use the knowledge to construct their ant hills as well. Maths is hence seen as a very vital part of daily life. It makes man systematic and orderly as they are carrying out their activities. Skills in maths can be attained by people from all walks of life and can only be achieved if they are given adequate training from the initial stages of learning which prepares the mind of the learner adequately. The reaction of the student to this issue is greatly determined by the basis they receive from the tutor In this case which then determines whether they will gain interest after the initial encounter or will end up wanting nothing to do with the subject. Maths contributes to the growth and development of an economy. How much a country’s population can work determines the much they will produce which then impacts on their economic standards. It is beneficial if people got their hands on productive businesses helping in improving the much they produce individually. Most of these companies employing the accountants who calculate and do the maths for these business owners ensuring that the firm is growing and no losses arise and if any do then these auditors are accountable. For one to succeed they should have plans and calculations done which will help ensure their success. Budgeting is vital in any planning that will ensure success of one’s projects.
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Calculations are what any structure revolves around substantially. In the development of the infrastructure of the country than the individuals who are the architectures have made plans and proper calculations when they want to construct roads, building tall buildings and towers. This is with a view to coming up with reliable constructions which can last over an extended period.
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It is important that doctors and physicians apply statistics in their work too. Even the simplest of the diagnosis requires that the doctor will be aware of the number of times the patient has been treated for the illness too. Factors such as how many times and the depth to which a problem on infection is dug will also be made mathematically. Determination of the amount of medicine that would work for a given intensity of an infection is also done.