Some employers are clearer about how they promote their staff members than others. Other employers almost never promote from within, constantly hiring new faces to fill the management positions. If you’re tired of being stuck in one place with the same salary, there’s one effective way to get the promotion you deserve: earning your online degree. Once you have, it’s a simple matter of convincing the right people to take you seriously.

Choose the Right Program

Start at and find the program that most closely matches your career goals. No two programs are exactly alike, and some are more flexible than others. If you want an accelerated program to get your promotion faster, look for one that allows faster completion. If you’re juggling a lot and can only handle a few courses per semester, look for one designed with the busy professional and/or parent in mind. Make sure it’s a quality program – one that will leave your employer impressed with your credentials. Ask about the types of jobs graduates have gone on to earn with their degrees.

Present Your Research

Once you’ve completed your degree or when you’re about to complete it, look into the average pay rates for graduates with this kind of degree. When speaking with your boss, discuss not only what you’ve earned by nature of having this degree but also what the knowledge you’ve gained during your studies stands to bring to the company if you’re in a more advanced position. It’s not just about what you “deserve,” but what about you can bring to the company if provided the right opportunities.

Consider Finding Another Job

Without outright saying you’re going to look for another job, remind your boss that graduates of this program go on to be hired for many competitive positions in the industry and beyond. This reminder might be enough for your boss to offer you more incentives to stay so they don’t lose out on your experience and talent. The company will likely find it easier to promote you than to go through the process of finding your replacement.

If a company doesn’t reward its employees for their hard work and talent, then an online graduate degree will at least serve you well on your way out. If knowing you’re considering looking elsewhere isn’t enough to get your employer to step up, actually do consider another company. You may find the environment a more rewarding place to work regardless.