Laptops have become one of the gadgets that are used to support day-to-day activities. From the start homework and lectures, work in mobile, so just watching movies and browsing the sake of entertainment. However, prices are set for one laptop is also not cheap.
By doing this simple way guaranteed 8 you can buy their own laptops without the need to ask your parents. Curious how? Come, see the explanations!

1. Make a list of needs in a month. From here you can see any expenses that can be reduced.
The first thing to do is make a list of your needs during the next month. From here you can see anywhere that needs to be trimmed or possibly eliminated. For example, a meal at expensive places can be eliminated. Or the need to buy shoes and clothes less need to be trimmed. This way you so know how much money can be allocated for savings in order to woo dream laptop. more info you can visit www.mypurecash.comĀ 

2. Only take cash 50-100 thousand in the wallet and should be enough for 1-3 days. If necessary leave atm card in boarding.
Make it a habit to carry a little cash in the wallet. This is a simple way hinder your intentions who want to spend the money. For example, you only carry 100 thousand in the wallet. Next create a target that the money would be used to meet the needs for 3 days. In addition, the card also leave atm at home, it can suppress the desire to arbitrarily withdraw the money when you are allocating money in the wallet was gone.
3. Snack fine, but be sure not snacks. You can snack foods so full weight more durable.
Although you should be saving for the sake of saving to buy their own laptops, but you should still pocket anyway. But, of course, you should be more selective in choosing snacks. Instead of buying food that is not wind filling, you can snack foods that can make full weight. For example, replace the habit of eating snacks in the mini packaged foods, you can buy toast are not only delicious but can also be used for tomorrow’s breakfast.

4. Bring the white water everywhere, so you’re not tempted to stop by the mini market. The intention to buy a drink, you would actually pocket-others.


Drinking is a human need. You may be hungry, but restrain thirst can make your body dehydrated and it was quite dangerous. To fix this, simply take stock of drinking water anywhere. In addition to healthy because it can meet the recommended drinking 6-8 glasses per day, you are also more efficient.
Bring drinking water supplies to keep you from wanting to stop by for the sake of buying bottled mini market. Perhaps it is your intention had been only to buy drinking water, but normally you would have to buy all kinds of snacks. As a result, the money budgeted to buy the drink was so swollen.

5. A week commitment to set aside 75 thousand. Within a year you can already 3.6 million.
In addition to making a list of expenses that can be cut, you can also specify the nominal must be set aside each week. From now on a commitment to yourself to save 75,000 in 1 week. If you discipline and uphold the principles of saving, then within a month you can get 300,000. Within 12 months, had already accumulated savings 3,600,000.