The Indian financial market is going through a golden phase with an astounding growth in all spheres. It is one of the oldest ones in the world and today with a high growth rate it’s also the best market among the emerging economies.

When we talk of financial services, it includes various products and services that are offered by financial institutions to assist in financial transactions. It includes different investment opportunities, the whole world of credit card, various loans etc. The major chunk of work, however, ensues in the capital markets.


The rapid growth of the industry calls for a huge workforce and thus the job opportunities are immense in this sector. There are various opportunities in reputed companies like JD Edwaed Jobs for graduates and MBA candidates having Commerce, Finance, Mathematics, Economics and Management background are umpteen.


Those fresh from college are hired by many financial advisory companies. Mutual fund companies also look forward to hiring skilled and fresh talent and so do the stock brokerage firms. Those hired as fresher are mostly recruited in the sales and marketing, investment and research, fund accounting and operations and administration wings of a mutual fund company. Later with few years of experience, they can graduate to become a research analyst followed by a fund manager.


If one wants to be an intermediary, he/she needs to clear an exam that is conducted by AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds in India). With AMFI certificate, one can go forward as business development managers responsible for marketing and distribution of various mutual fund schemes, relationship managers and advisors. There are numerous back office functions also like fund accounting and IT/network support.


Besides skills, a sound knowledge of the latest happenings in the current financial circuits definitely helps the aspirants to bag jobs at top most financial companies. The areas other than mutual funds and brokerage houses where jobs are in abundance for a finance literate are banks, insurance, financial planning and money management.


Money managers who are an integral part of the finance industry are basically entrusted with fixed-income investment products and buying and selling of corporate bonds. The common job profiles here are Portfolio Manager, Hedge Fund Trader and Mutual Fund Analyst.


With more and more people moving into the millionaire club, financial planner is another sought-after profile. The job responsibility here includes assisting people with disposable wealth to invest intelligently so as to have sound financial health in future.


The financial sector continues to expand and so does the need for deserving young candidates having a sound background in finance.