These 5 Tricks So That Children Learn to Read Faster

Do you remember the moment of learning to read as a child? You may not remember much, but every parent who teaches the child to read will understand that teaching the child reading is not an easy job. Reading plays an important role in Children’s achievements in later schools.

Parents should understand that it is never too early to start introducing children to a world of books and reading activities. There are also some better methods to help the child learn to read. If you’re preparing a child for a preschool period, here are tips to make your child learn to read more quickly.

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Make reading as a routine activity at home

Children Learn

First of all, make sure that the reading activity is a part of everyday life, and children will learn to love it. If there are almost all family members at home, try asking them to read in front of the child who is learning to read. Give children interesting books to read, so this can make them love this activity. The point is to make reading as a routine part of a family fun.

Introduce lowercase, then capital letter

The next way to make a quick child can read is to introduce lowercase first before uppercase. The letters that stand alone without meaning are abstract and cannot be understood by the child. However, this did not become a mistake if he had previously read a book.

Many people introduce capital letters first because they are easy to identify, but this is wrong because it makes the child have trouble when he starts to read a book that has grammar.

Reading in any medium, the number of lowercase letters will be much more than uppercase. This is because Indonesian grammar and any grammar govern that only the letters or specific letters that use capital letters, and the rest are lowercase. If the Children Learn easily familiar and memorized, then, also teach a capital letter. This will make it easier for the child to read the storybook.

Use creative Media to teach children to read

Learning through the book might make the child bored easily. Mothers can add Creative Media to learn to read, such as color cards, games or other interesting materials with images. However, it is also a simple reading book to get used to reading.

Slowly teach children to read per syllable

Children learn to read by entering the syllable. Make all syllables made of five vocal letters and all consonants. Afterward, he taught him to read two syllables, then three syllables. Listen to the good what the child reads, make sure the pronunciation is right.

In addition, in Bahasa Indonesia, children are more difficult to read “ng” and “NY”. So, make sure these two things are well taught. The child also needs to learn the death consonant in a word, such as I-Kan, MA, Ban-Tal, and so on.

Train kids to read sentences

When all things are taught, then it is time for the child to apply everything he has understood. Mothers can practice it by reading a simple sentence every day. If he has been fluent then immediately redirect and ask him to read a short paragraph.