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Top Legal Professions Law is one of the most admired and most respected areas in the corporate world. This sector has expanded quite a bit as time has gone by. There are several specialties in the field of law. The growth and expansion in the field of law can be accredited to the concurrent and rapid growth of other fields and areas too. There are many issues and disputes between people and solving these problems requires legal expertise. Law has been practiced since time in memorial. However, because of the dynamics of interpersonal relations in society and within nations, there are different branches, that have been developed to help improve how people solve their legal issues. Each of the layers at a law firm have a specialty. Some of the types of lawyers are mentioned below. Family Advocates Most of these lawyers are well conversant with all that pertains to family law. Nevertheless, these are some who focus on a given area. Some may handle issues to do with divorce, prenuptial agreements, divorce, or custody battles. They have a wide range of information about every single issue that may need legal attention in the family.
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Criminal Defense lawyer
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These kinds of lawyers defend individuals who have been accused of committing a crime against the prosecution. They focus on helping these criminals reduce their sentences or stay out of jail. Majority of them have years of experience working in District Attorney’s offices. They handle a variety of cases such as drug trafficking, murders, and assault. Business Lawyers Business law is very broad and this gives business lawyers an opportunity to work in different areas. They are able to take care of issues like accusations, employment, and intellectual property. They have different preferences that include dealing with the basics such as company formation and dealing with complex issues such as tax compliance. It is interesting to note that there are business litigation lawyers who are specialized in handling company lawsuits, and there are business transaction lawyers who focus on drafting documents and basic transactions. Intellectual Property Attorneys When it comes to intellectual property ownership, law applies in three different areas. These areas are trademarks, patents and copyrights. The intellectual property remains intangible when handled by an intellectual property lawyer. An IP lawyer can choose which law to focus on, however, patent law is a bit more complex. A patent lawyer requires more than just a license and a regular law degree. In most cases, they need a technical background on specific areas such as engineering, software development, or life sciences. It is very rare to find an IP lawyer focusing on all three of these areas. Nonetheless,there are different lawyers with different areas of specialization in different law firms.