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3 Important Tips in Choosing School Children

One thing to remember, look for schools like looking for a soul mate, tricky! Especially for you who live in big cities like Bangkok, there are various choices of school and almost all have their advantages and achievements.

So, provide time for at least 1 year to find the best school for children. And, this is mama ‘to-do list’ for the next 1 year until we get the best school.

1. Browsing

Just typing the right keywords in the Google search engine, Mama easily finds information about the best schools, according to the criteria that have been determined.

Now, if you browsing thoroughly, you will find more useful information on social media, blogs, or forums. Or directly visit the website. For example, like the Patana  Secondary School Bangkok, you can visit the website at

2. Determine the criteria

Each person doesn’t want to choose a school for children carelessly. Because the school, especially kindergarten and elementary school, is a long-term investment in the future of children. At present, the choices are not mainly about the fees and networks, or public and private schools.

Private schools also have many choices: national, national plus, international, religion-based, natural schools, etc. What is your choice?

Some people like to attend old schools, in which academic quality has been tested for years through the quality of their graduates. What is important to remember, the determination of school criteria must be based on the needs and interests of children, not your desires.

3. School shopping

Already have a list of detail schools? Now, it’s time for school shopping or visiting school one by one, if the information that you have is based only on brochures, other experiences, and photographs, so now it’s time to see it directly the physical reality of your school.

Many things have to be noticed when shopping at school shopping, starting from the journey from the school to the house, the condition of the streets in the morning, the location and environment around the school, the building with the facilities, and the ambiance of the school. Instead of observing, this is also the right time to make you ask more of the educational issues implemented in the school.

Don’t pay attention only about the curriculum and the learning process. Also pay attention to other basic things, such as whether the school provides an opportunity for students to participate in the competition, even if there is no achievement.

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