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What to Consider When Purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator is a movable electronic device that treats sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by checking on a person’s heart rhythm and sends and an electric shock to the heart to try to restore the normal cardiac rhythm. If sudden cardiac shock is not treated immediately, it can lead to death. In the past AEDs were only used in public and private areas where there were many people, but currently AEDs are also being purchased for use in private homes.

Although there are various AEDs for sale in the market, it is vital to know the dangers of SCA, as well as undergo proper training for safe and efficient use of AEDs, storage and daily maintenance of an AED before purchasing one. Suppose you have a family member who shows symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest, then you need to deliberate on seeking medical advice from a doctor who can recommend the use of an AED on them. By doing this, the doctor will notify the emergency medical services about the type and location of the AED and to monitor the AED maintenance such changing the batteries.In the event of an emergency, the doctors will take through the processes of responding to cardiac arrest and further tell you on the best place to store your AED.

Further to this, the doctor will give you aspects to consider when buying and installing an AED. For instance, they will advise you to consider the age of the patient. They will encourage you to buy the standard AED for kids above eight years, but for younger kids, you will need to buy special pediatric pads which lessen the quantity of electrical energy.
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Having known that you need to check how the AED is efficient.Consider purchasing one that will take you through the CPR process, one that will examine the CPR process swiftly and immediately send you the response about the quality of the CPR.
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Secondly, you should purchase an AED that can provide excellent care. AED guiding principles should be easy that anyone can use it even without any form of training.What’s more, make sure that the AED you intend to buy has a practice mode so that you can practice how to carry out CPR in case of an emergency.

The other factor you need to think about before buying an AED is its service plan. You need to ask your distributor whether they offer routine checkups of the machine, whether they charge for service calls and what they cover under warranty.

As soon as you purchase an AED defibrillator, you need to mark it properly and keep it in a visible place where everyone can locate it quickly. With these essential factors, you should be able to buy the best AED for your home.