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Various Bachelorette Party Themes You Can Use There are a lot of creative people who have managed to create entertaining bachelorette party ideas which are more entertaining than the usual drinking fest. So if you need to plan an enjoyable bachelorette party for your best friend or your sister and you are unsure where you need to start, then, this article can provide you with a number of great ideas which you can consider. When it comes to the most popular bachelorette party theme, the spa theme will always be on top of the list. This is the kind of party where the bride can have a pampering time with all her closest friends. There are a lot of luxurious spa resorts everywhere where you, the bride, and all your close friends can go to and treat yourself for the whole weekend pampering yourselves or, you can opt for a simple pampering session just in your home. If you will choose to have a discreet and inexpensive bachelorette party, at-home spa is what you need to prefer. You can employ two or more spa therapists to offer massages, pedicures, and manicures. Finger foods and other light snacks can be served during the party and you can also serve a choice of cocktails for all the guests. You have to ask all the guests to share their feelings on the bride and also, you have to come up with a few bachelorette party games everyone can join in so that this party will be more enjoyable.
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Another very popular theme employed for numerous bachelorette parties is the shopping galore theme. You have the option of hiring a limousine for one whole day that will fetch not just the bride but also her girlfriends and have a shopping spree. In the course of their shopping spree, the bride and her friends have the option of having makeovers so they can just guide their limo driver to their favorite salon. And after one whole day of shopping, makeovers, the girls can then head to the club to enjoy themselves.
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One more great option you have to consider is to have a weekend adventure with the bride and all the girls to some place that is fun and very exciting. For instance, it would be good if you can arrange an exciting bachelorette party in Las Vegas for the future bride and all her closest friends. Even if this is the kind of bachelorette party that is not cheap, you are assured that this weekend getaway can be very memorable to the bride and her friends and will be very exciting as well.