Benefits and Definition of Discussion

if in daily life have often heard or even conducted discussions, then do you know what is meant by discussion? Discussion is a way to exchange opinions to find an agreement or joint decision, so from here we can know the purpose of the discussion is to get the final decision of a problem being discussed. However, sometimes in the discussion, debate often occurs. And finally the difficulty in determining the final agreement. This will trigger conflict, even dissatisfaction with other people’s opinions.

Benefits and Definition of Discussion

Discussion Moderator

Meoderato is the person in charge of leading the discussion, as well as ensuring that the discussion goes according to the agreed flow, this means that it does not come out of the subject matter.

  1. Presentation of papers
    The presentation of the task is to prepare the paper, also to convey the existing problems. At the same time the presentation of the paper as someone who mastered the problem.
  2. Participants in the discussion
    Participants are people who follow the course of a discussion. Perseta is tasked with asking questions about what the paper presenters or speakers have submitted, the question will be asked through a moderator.

Various Discussion

After knowing what elements are included in the discussion, after that we will know the type of discussion, including the following:

  • Seminar
    Seminars can be interpreted as a discussion of problems scientifically, although the topics discussed are problems in daily life. In accordance with the purpose of the discussion, the conclusion is that at the end of the event the conclusions or meeting points of the previously discussed problems should be read. Therefore the reading of the final decision or conclusion needs to be done, which is the result of a joint decision, not from an individual decision. In addition, it is usually supplemented by a resolution or recommendation. The discussion in a seminar centered on a paper that had been prepared by the previous Seminar.
  • Symposium
    The symposium is a series of short speeches conducted by a leader in front of visitors. Usually, in a symposium, there are several speakers who put forward different views on the same topic. But the topic of the problem can also be divided into several aspects, then each aspect is highlighted individually specifically, so there is no need to highlight from the point of view.
  • Panel discussion
    In this type of discussion, the discussion is an activity that has been planned with a variety of topics, where this discussion is held in front of the visit, usually, this panel discussion is carried out by 3 to 6 experts, and also led by a moderator. Detectors discussed in such a way that visitors could follow their conversation.