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Careers With Flexibility

Choosing a career that lets you be your own boss takes careful consideration. How much you work will make a difference in how much you make. For some people, the trade-off of setting your own hours is worth it. Consider these careers if you like to oversee your own schedule.


An esthetician is a skin care professional who specializes in keeping the skin beautiful and healthy. Estheticians must be licensed by their state after initial coursework. There are also many advanced training courses that you can take at an esthetician school NY or at a school near you. After training, estheticians can provide facials, waxing, makeup applications and body wraps among other services. Most work out of spas or salons as independent contractors.

Court Reporter

Court reporters are trained to listen and record the words spoken at legal proceedings using a stenograph machine. They are often called upon during those proceedings to read back what was just said, so it’s important that court reporters be able to work fast. After completing a comprehensive program, court reporters can continue to train and earn various certificates to enhance their opportunities. Free-lance court reporters own the records that they take and earn money every time an attorney requests a copy of one.

Massage Therapist

Massage therapists mostly work with their hands (and sometimes their elbows and feet as well) to manipulate the muscles in a way that brings about healing or relaxation in the client. Massage therapy school varies in length and usually includes many practice hours before licensure. Massage therapists often set their own hours. They can take clients as their schedule allows either in their own space or the client’s home.

Having flexibility in setting your working hours is a must for some people when deciding which career path to take. There are many options depending on how much you enjoy being your own boss or working with or for other people.

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