Duties and responsibilities of an electrician in a company

Electricity is basically in the industrial plant environment is one of the life sources for production machines to be able to operate. Because the power source is the main energy source that is supplied to the main drivers of production machinery. In the industry needs plant installation services in the divide into several point items such as the following:

  • Electricity for the purposes operation of production machinery that is coordinated by electrical technicians.
  • Electricity for industrial lighting plant environment that is coordinated by electrical technician installation.

By operating the production machinery inside the industrial plant, it automatically needs lighting to create a safe and comfortable work area and avoid potential hazards that can befall the operator of the production machine Employees or workers in the vicinity.

With the need for electrical lighting in the operation of the production machinery then automatically the factory needs an expert in the field of electrical installation is an electrical engineer installation.

The requirement to become an installation electrical technician must have an electrical foundation that is capable in the field, but also an installation electrical technician better understands about the installation or the ways to make Adequate electrical system according to the needs of the industrial plant.

As for the basic task as an electrical engineer installation in an industrial factory is as follows:

  • Repair the damaged production machines in electrical installations so that the production machines can immediately operate again.
  • Maintenance of the installation component on the production machine to prevent damage or fatal trouble when the production machine is in operation.
  • Repair electrical installation by way of improvement or to improve the system’s quality of electricity.
  • Record and prepare part-part of electrical installation in the production machine as a spare part to anticipate the occurrence of repeated trouble.

While the responsibility of an electrical technician installation is as follows:

  • Maintain the condition of the electrical system installation to be safe and no troubleshooting.
  • Become the main coordinator in the field of installation electricity.
  • Handle any problems related to electrical installation.

Here are some forms of implementation activity of the tasks and responsibilities that are generally done by an electrical engineer installation in the production machine of an industrial or corporate plant:


After logging the part of the machine, then make sure that the part has a stock spare in the warehouse at least 1 or 2 items so that when the part in the machine has trouble and requires to be replaced, then we can automatically and the condition of the machine back is safe and can reproduce. Imagine if the part in the machine is damaged and can not fix and should replace new parts but we do not exist or do not have the spare parts in the warehouse. It is going to make our production machine a total stop and wait a long time.

If in our warehouse there is no stock spare part, then immediately order for the procurement of part before any trouble part in the area.

This is thus a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of an electrical engineer installation in an industrial or corporate factory.

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