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The Right Moment to Share Souvenir Company

There is a pro-level marketing secret that is rarely known, giving gifts to clients can not only be a one-time! If you expect the relationship with clients to continue to be lasting and smooth, the strategy of sharing corporate gifts or corporate gifts must be done as a corporate tradition.

Companies that must be maintained long-term relationships are not just clients or prospective clients only. Giving corporate souvenirs can also be applied as a gift for loyal employees, business relations such as media crews, invitations at company events, to an appreciation for shareholders. As a mandatory public relations and marketing strategy, the moment of gifting for clients and stakeholders must also be prepared in such away. What are the most appropriate moments to give a company souvenir? Here is the right moment to share souvenirs with the employees.

1. Celebration on the Big Day

Giving gifts to clients and stakeholders according to the celebration of the big day is commonly done by various companies, such as the turn of the year, religious holidays, or festivals on certain calendars.

Generally, gifts for clients can be given according to the theme of the celebration to be welcomed. For example, give hampers containing pastries in lebaran moments. To give more impression, do not forget to slip a company souvenir or corporate gift with your corporate identity so that it is always remembered by the recipient.

2. Near and After Signing The Contract

Business transactions should be a reference for the right time in sending company souvenirs so that the relationship with clients can run smoothly. Usually, company souvenirs are sent to the decision-maker about 1 month before the business contract expires as a reminder of the upcoming meeting. To be effective, make sure the gift for this client is personal and effective.

Giving corporate gift ideas is also a great way to follow up and open talks after the contract is signed. You can look for gift ideas for clients inspired by the last conversation together, then add them with souvenirs typical of your brand or company.

3. GMS

Don’t miss the GMS without giving the best corporate souvenirs to the shareholders! In large companies that organize dividend distributions to the public, giving exclusive corporate souvenirs is a way of expressing elegant appreciation. Not only that, but corporate souvenirs are also an event to display the image of companies that care about social and environmental issues, support local brands, and give a long-lasting impression even though the GMS event has been completed.

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