How to MemoriseMaths Formulas?

Remembering Mathematical Formulas isn’t easy. But you can do so by understanding it first and then memorizing it by following a few top tips.

Let’s see how you can remember the key formulas.

●     Familiarise with the content of the topic first

Before even jumping to using the formula which you have learned in the chapter like Circumference of Circle, go through the concept first. This will make you familiar with the topic you are going to learn. Hence helping you to understand the application of the formula in the problems better. Next time when you will read the problem, you will be sure of remembering as well as applying the formula correctly.

●     Don’t try to learn all at once

Don’t just make a list of all formulas and start learning it. It would consume a lot of time. It would not help much in remembering the formulas for long too. Learning the formulas through this method might confuse you. So, provide a connection of these formulas to your brain to remember these. For this make a relevant diagram or flow chart or table for each topic and you will not forget it quickly.

●     The practice is an important key

Be it any subject or topic, you need to practice what you have learned. This becomes more relevant in the case of formulas. Now that you have learned the formulas and you remember it too, you need to apply these in the next problem of topics like the area of Circle.  Using the formulas in practice questions will make sure that you remember how to apply the formula to solve the problem. This will also help you revising and memorizing the formula more.

●     Use techniques to remember the formula

Remembering formulas can be compared to remembering your parent’s phone numbers. You don’t need to make a list of it to remember it. We don’t use any particular trick to learn it. Still, we are able to learn it quickly. Also dialling the same number, again and again, makes it easy to remember. Similarly, there’s no exact way of learning formulas. See what works for you better. You can use techniques like creating it like a sequence of an event or a story. You can also try explaining it to your friend because sharing your knowledge will help you remember it better.

●     Use different resources to learn the formula

Learning in different ways can help you remember the formulas better. You can make a list of formulas. Write those on flash cards. Record it in your own voice and listen to it later. You can also use the educational apps where the experts might explain the same formula in some different ways which are easy to remember.


So, You can easily memorize and recall formulas through above-mentioned ways. By using the above tips you will remember the formulas during the exam time too.  Apart from the given tips, do follow what works best for you when it comes to practicing maths.

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