How to quickly learn to read KINDERGARTEN children

Reading is a must to do early. Teaching the most effective reading of the child is when they are 4-5 years old because of the easy to absorb brain development. Therefore, it is expected for parents to always have a creative way of teaching children to read, especially for KINDERGARTEN children. Here are some tips to give tips:

Tips for learning KINDERGARTEN reading

  • Giving more vocabulary

Vocabulary is very important in children, especially for those who have just learned to read. By always teaching an existing vocabulary around it, it will make the child easier to remember. The more vocabulary being taught, the more it will be to help the children in reading.

  • Learning in a fun place

Teaching KINDERGARTEN children to read must have different initiatives. One of them is to put it to interesting places such as in the park. Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be indoors. Occasionally mothers can invite the child to play while learning to read. This is believed to encourage the child’s spirit of learning to read because it is in a new place. To do so, invite the child to learn not only indoors.

  • Training Kids Storytelling

As parents who want their children easier to learn to read, then give a chance to tell about his daily life by writing. After that, ask the child to read what he has written. This way aims to help the child in absorbing various new words of what they remember.

  • Using tools

Children will usually be easier to understand reading when using tools such as markers or Stabilo. For mothers, it’s best to try this way, try to wear markers with different colors so that the child is easier to read correctly as well as a fun way of learning to read. It can be used to teach children in distinguishing colors.

  • Don’t be too pushy

4 years old children usually do not like to be forced, but parents also do not give up when the child does not like to learn to read. Refer to the child slowly until the child has a desire in the reading. Mothers must be more patient when persuading children to learn. Usually, children more easily persuade so as to be taught to read.

  • Creating Creative Susasana

Teaching KINDERGARTEN children must be in different ways. Try to create a creative atmosphere so that the child feels not learning. Using a more creative way will help the development of the right brain that will make it easier for children to learn to read. Practicing the development of the right brain should start from childhood to produce a more quality growing flower.

  • Create a fun way

There are many more enjoyable ways of teaching children to read, especially for KINDERGARTEN children. KINDERGARTEN will love the fun way for example the colorful alphabets. Teaching in a more enjoyable way will make your little one more passionate in learning to read and easier to remember what has been read.

  • Naming objects

Although this way is a little hard, it will make the child easier in remembering the vocabulary. This can learning the objects around the example like shoes, bags, socks, bicycles, and others. It can be done using the image that is writeable at the bottom. This will make the little ones easy to remember.

  • Reading stories before bedtime

Reading the Story before bedtime turns out to have a good effect to improve the memory of the child. When a child hears a lullaby, the brain is more easily stimulating the vocabulary that he is asleep too. The child who reads the story has the ability to absorb vocabulary faster so that it is easier to learn to read.