How to write a resume that will get attention?

Reduce the volume and make a clear structure

Many job seekers are familiar with the situation where you send out dozens of resumes and they all seem to fall into the abyss. According to the American Personnel Association, only two out of ten resumes get a response. The main reasons are total shortage of time for the recruiters and lack of CV culture among the applicants.

In simple words HR managers do not have time to study in detail each resume and they accept only those which attracted their attention. Resumes that do not seem to meet the basic requirements are immediately rejected.

On average a specialist spends about 10 seconds to study one resume. During this time, the recruiter needs to understand the most important things about the candidate and decide whether or not the position is a good fit.

Stick to a convenient format

Don’t save your CV as an image: it’s hard to read and impossible to save to the database. And as a consequence, there is no probability that you will be returned to you in case of new vacancies. There is no need to overload the CV. If you are a representative of a creative profession and your soul demands creativity – add your portfolio.

Subtract your resume

When you’re all done, it’s worth proofreading your resume several times: to yourself and out loud. Aloud is better to notice mistakes, if there are any. Leave your resume overnight and come back to it in the morning. If you are applying for a position in an international company – take care of writing a resume in a foreign language.

Here are a few unspoken rules to keep in mind when creating a resume:

  • Keep to one page. Remember the 7.4-10 seconds and don’t write anything unnecessary.
  • Observe structure. No one is going to sort through the chaos of the job seeker’s thoughts. Break down the information into digestible blocks.
  • Avoid unnecessary creativity. Don’t overload your resume with distracting details, unless you’re applying for a creative position.
  • Write the truth. The desire to embellish your virtues a little can be detrimental. If it turns out that the job seeker lied a little, then the rest of the information is less credible.
  • Personalize your resume. One job – one relevant resume. Professional recruiters can easily distinguish impersonal, generic resumes that a job seeker sends to all available offers.

Resume writing services are just what you need if you’re having trouble putting together a resume.