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Inspiring Design of Minimalist and Exotic Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is one of the rooms that can change the mood of the user. A clean, beautiful bathroom, and has a neat arrangement will cause a sense of relaxation for its user. If you have a comfortable bathroom, it will certainly help the user to relax muscles after doing daily activities.

Several minimalist bathroom designs can be selected, here are the references:

1. Minimalist Bathroom with White Mozambique Ceramic

With the appearance of minimalist bathroom design with white Mozambique tiles. The bathroom will look bright and stylized because it uses a white-colored monochrome design, so the bathroom looks cleaner. To increase the luxury, the bathroom can be added to a frame that brings the abstract artwork. In addition to the flower vase can also be added next to the sink, because the flower vase can sweeten the room. You can buy bathroom tiles online at

2. Minimalist Bathroom with marble stones

This minimalist bathroom design is very popular. Generally, the bathroom does not need complicated design. The simple use of a marble stone can add a special impression. To make it look more perfect, you can add a spotlight to highlight the corners or other parts of the bathroom. One option that you can use as a minimalist bathroom concept today.

3. Bathroom with wood and stone material

This minimalist bathroom design uses mainly wood and stone materials. Use wood material on the dry part of the bathroom, with the owner not have to do intensive care. Also, add rock natural material to add natural nuance to the bathroom.

Everyone must be eager to design a minimalist bathroom and look wide and comfortable to use. Some of the designers above are examples of unusual, minimalist bathroom designs. You can develop the bathroom concept that you have always dreamed of!

4. Bathroom Style Natural Light

The minimalist bathroom design with natural sunshine uses the ceiling design which makes the sunlight penetrate the shower/spa room. The design also uses colored walls by using a large mirror to provide a fresh nuance when using it. Then give a window in the bathroom. The existence of the window will give natural lighting to the bathroom.

5. Scandinavian style

The minimalist bathroom design looks like an ancient woman is a design that functions to explode with another room. Use waterproof layers with clean white stone motifs on the walls that are prone to wet, then install the wallpaper as the owner wishes, and located in a dry area. Give a frame in order to be able to produce an artistic touch, then it is important for the Scandinavian to plug in a hair dryer in the bathroom.

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