Seven Japanese Translation Applications to Help You Learn Japanese

Do you wish to travel to Tokyo? Moving to Japan? Or just to develop your Japanese language skills?

How can you survive if you haven’t mastered Japanese writing, character reading, or spoken language?

With the newest technologies out there, the language barrier is no longer as big of a problem as it used to be.

With your smartphone, you can download one of the many Japanese learning apps. What’s more, Japanese to English translation you can also download an app to help you in difficult situations that provides machine translation of words and phrases.

Thanks to advanced technology, it’s now more likely for you to understand what’s written on signs, and ask for directions even if you don’t understand a word of Japanese.

If you are selected to undertake a student study program in the Land of the Rising Sun, you should take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture, enrich your knowledge, progress quickly, and develop your ability to carry on various conversations.

You will find many extraordinary things about this island nation, from the traditional to the modern, just for you.

Are you not bilingual in Japanese yet? Get a wide selection of these smart apps from our list and they all help you learn Japanese!

This application will save you in various situations. As a miracle, these pinatr apps are living the magic of language lessons to help you learn a lot about this beautiful Japanese language.

Japanese Translate: Is Google Good Enough?

There are many websites to learn Japanese online. But when we need to translate a word, our first reflection is Google…(Honestly: how many of us still reflect directly on opening the dictionary?)

Google Translator magically appears at the top of the page and displays the translation in whatever language you request. Even if you want to translate whole sentences, Google has the best solution. Google is also useful for translating website content, but how good is Google for translating languages?.

As for the mobile app, Google works independently from your wifi connection. It is also possible to translate text from a photo or through voice recognition. Google is the perfect tool to save time when you get lost on the road.

Truly extraordinary! However.. Google includes machine translation which is quite reliable in languages like English and Spanish, unfortunately not the case for Japanese.

Google can help you translate words from Japanese into various languages, but you shouldn’t use them when interacting with locals. You may find yourself in a very awkward situation.

Because of this, Google can be a very useful adjunct on your travels or at home learning Japanese, provided you use it wisely and don’t jump out asking for a translation in one long sentence.

Japanese translation: iTranslate

As you can see, if you need a translation app to understand Japanese or think of a few sentences, it’s not easy to find an app that offers translations with 100% correct accuracy.

You can also test iTranslate. The iTranslate application is the leader in this regard, the dictionary/translation application which is quite important. Even though the translations are of better quality than others, iTranslate isn’t perfect yet.

Japanese is a language where context acts on the meaning of a sentence. The verbs are not conjugated, there are no genders or plurals… It is difficult for a translation machine to calculate all the complexities of the Japanese language to provide easily readable and understandable subtitles. Either way, translators will help you find the overall meaning of a piece of writing.

Apart from iTranslate, it was interesting to test iTranslate Voice: it translates your text and converts it into voice. A very useful detail, but it may not always work in all situations as this feature requires an internet connection.

If you use it while traveling, chances are that you have difficulty using the iTranslate voice feature because there is no internet network. However, this application is very practical for you to learn to make your own.

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