SSC exam result of Comilla 2017


Exam results can only prove a student’s quality and skill and so proved the students of Comilla board. They showed their creativity from the SSC exam of 2017 getting massive marks and GPA5 in the SSC result 2017. They flooded the number of GPA5 in the SSC exam in last year and hope to do the same in 2017 SSC exam. The students were fully prepared for the SSC and came out from the exam hall with fully answered the questions. That is why they are expecting to have the best marking in the SSC from comillar board.

It should not be needed to say that they worked hard from the very beginning of the SSC exam. As a result of it they got GPA-5 in the SSC exam of 2016. According to it the next year 2017 can be expected to be more favorable for the students of Comilla board. The SSC exam of comilla was very easily passed this year as we have heard from the students. So they will be easily directed to their winning position in the SSC exam. They will manage the passing rate as it was in the year 2016 in 69 {634b5631a487853c432e855b88a23a9564274290db2cb36f0f5f58e40ba7793c} and hope to increase to 80{634b5631a487853c432e855b88a23a9564274290db2cb36f0f5f58e40ba7793c}.

Thus all the students of comilla board will get an inspiration from the SSC exam result. Still many of the students are too much eager to see publishing their results. As they have worked in the exam hall and wrote the answers properly, so they are expecting a good passing rate and personally GPA5 for each. The comilla board question pattern remains difficult for the students but yet they are able to gain good marks in the SSC exam. It is very rare in other board students to cope with difficult question.

Students may not be able to control their emotion as the result of comilla board is not very far from publishing. The year 2017 is the year for the students to step onto the SSC for their career. They are waiting to see the news of SSC exam result publication this year. All the TV channels and internet is being browsed by the students to know their SSC result for passing. None of the students should be found to remain calm, as the results publication is only needed 1 month to be published. They are praying and being serious to make a storm of GPA5 in the year 2017.



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