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A Guide on Reaching Your Customers Through iTunes

Podcasting is not a new idea. It has existed since the days of the iPod back when it was still very popular and mobile phones that double as MP3 players or radios where not yet around. Since then, the business of podcasting has gained a lot of traction in terms of technological advancements. Podcasting is presently very simple and quite cheap to get into.

Unless you are an artist, podcasting will be the main promotional method for your brand through iTunes. You should simply submit your podcast feed once and each new episode you record and upload will automatically show up in iTunes within minutes.

The good news is that transmitting your content through iTunes is free. There are no underlying setup costs, no recurring expenses and you do not need to pay to submit new episodes. Podcasting presents a great and free opportunity for your brand to reach new customers, so there is all the reason to make good use of it.
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Podcasting is Simple
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All you need is a microphone or recorder, your laptop, and a site to host the files. After your podcasts are hosted, you only need to create and submit your feed to various podcast directories such as iTunes.

Podcasting is Cheap

When you are doing your podcasting in house, the only actual expense is the hosting for your podcasts. There is the initial cost of securing everything necessary to record the audio, however that can be quite cheap if you are not attempting to buy a set of fancy equipment.

Podcasting Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Podcasting is great for your site’s SEO for various reasons.

Fresh Onsite Content – By routinely creating new podcasts, you are also relentlessly adding new content to your site. Search engines like Google delight in content, especially those that are fresh and exceptional. Every single page you publish on your site creates a chance to target more keywords and key phrases. By transcribing your podcasts, you are distributing an abundance of content for search engine crawlers and web browsers to discover and investigate.

Build Links Back To Your Site – By syndicating your episodes through different podcasting directories, you can build important link back to your site. Links are seen by Google as internet votes. The more links you have, the better your content will rank.

With the right blend of creating remarkable and quality content on your site, and building back links to that content, you will get good SEO. Podcasting offers an amazing balance of that.

By working on podcasting, you are coincidentally creating great SEO and your inbound traffic reports will reflect your endeavors.