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The Advantages of a Classic CV

The question of the end of the traditional CV has arisen since the arrival of professional social networks to facilitate job search. The appearance of these professional platforms in the early 2000s (LinkedIn, Viadeo or Xing) was eagerly awaited by both candidates and companies. These networks therefore make it possible to create a sort of CV / personal website giving access to direct information. But in fact, a classic CV is always useful nowadays thanks to its many advantages.

Why Make a Classic CV?

Creating a classic curriculum vitae is easier, especially since you can choose online a classic cv template to download. Originality is a good thing, but it has an element of risk. If you do not master the subject, you can fall into extravagance. A conservative recruiter may not appreciate an overly original CV that risks landing directly in the trash. Some big companies use special software for reading CVs and screening them automatically. A CV that is too complex does not always fit into the boxes of recruitment software. If you want to play it safe, opt for a classic resume. Moreover, this type of curriculum vitae is not likely to disappear anytime soon. On the contrary, its simplicity facilitates the work of the recruiter.

What are the Best Traditional Methods?

We cannot overlook the fact that the appearance of professional social networks is changing the way recruiters and job seekers get in touch. Nevertheless, the classic CV is far from disappearing and retains many advantages in the context of recruitment. The paper CV is simpler and remains a basis on which the majority of candidates cannot ignore. It remains a classic, a habit that a large number of recruiters are not yet ready to give up. The traditional resume makes it possible to show a certain form of rigor and conscientiousness on the part of the candidate who must take the time to write it and update it.

For the moment, the classic CV and the modern CV are complementary, both from the point of view of the recruiter and the candidate. The traditional CV remains to this day the main self-marketing tool with employers, hence the interest for candidates to write it with the greatest care. On the other side, it allows the recruiter to easily find the information they are looking for in each candidate. Everyone wins in the end, even if a completely modern CV also has its own advantages.

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