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Generally a vehicle that provides space where people can be accommodated comfortably beside having a vehicle engine, is the one referred to as motorhome. There are so many examples of mobile homes, and motor homes are an example of them among others. The motorhome is designed in a way that it can accommodate up to eight people in its sleeping area, a kitchenette for the cooking purpose and a resting place.

Motorhomes are available in the market in different sizes and shapes, and they are brought to the market by several manufacturers all over the world. Each class of the mobile home caravan has unique features that define it, for instance, features that define class A motor home are different from the features that describe the class C of the mobile homes. Motor homes that come in large sizes are very advantageous compared to the small-sized motor homes because they have separate bathing cubicles separated from the toilets, and provides a cab area where the driver sits and has passenger seats which can be converted to sofa sets, and serve as living room.

Securing the motor home is one of the essentials elements when it comes to maintaining the motor home. The locks that should be properly checked to ensure that they are effectively locked up include the doors to the sleeping area, cooking area, internal storage not forgetting resting area of the mobile home. The alarms being a good element of securing the mobile home, they should, therefore, be turned on always. The final element of securing a motor home is install a tracking device in the leisure car, in that all the time a signal will be received from the motor home, and the whereabouts of the vehicle will be known.

The basic maintenance for the mobile home is first to ensure that the vehicle has been serviced by a well-experienced mechanic in a workshop of choice, and this is before allowing anyone whatsoever to board the vehicle. Another maintenance practice is to check the presence of cracks on the motor home tyres to avoid any accidents leading to losing of life. It is always recommended that the vehicle be serviced and the more than 5 years old wheels be instantly replaced no matter the distance to be traveled. The functioning of the lights and the batteries is very crucial in a motor home and they should be inspected frequently to determine their condition; also a clean environment is ample for habitation, and therefore cleaning should be done on a regular
basis using a power-hose.

There are things that are not comparable in this world, for instance, the motor home and a regular car; because the motor home is very expensive during buying and during repairing purchasing the spare parts is very expensive, and this is incomparable to repairing a regular vehicle.
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