Unique Facts About Cannabis Rarely Known People

Cannabis is one of the plants that fall into the category of psychotropic because of the content of the substance “tetrahydrocanabynol” in the leave. This substance if to enter the body will be able to make people experience euphoria or pleasure without any apparent cause. Because of this effect Cannabis became a forbidden item in various countries because it is considered as one of the plants triggering dangerous substances as well as an enter one of the list of narcotics. But while it is legally prohibited, Cannabis often appears in the culture pop culture’ as a symbol of resistance to capitalism.

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    This can be seen in 1950-1970 where marijuana was used as a symbol of Hippies culture in America until the early decades of the 90 s when the famous Reggae musician Bob Marley was so synonymous with this unique leafy plant. Because of these facts marijuana is often referred to as the most controversial plant in the world. Well in addition to the facts above, there are actually some other unique facts that are rarely known to people. As an example of a unique fact that was launched from the edocmmj, the following:

    • Never before is a person dying of overdose of cannabis
    • Cannabis is Safer Than Cigarettes and Alcohol
    • Very Low Cannabis Dependency
    • Many Successful People Who Consume Marijuana

    But even that does not mean we can consume marijuana, because let how marijuana is an illegal item in the eyes of the country, so if we consume it then we will be wrong in the eyes of the law and can end in iron bars.