What age can a child be introduced to letters?

children usually learn alphabets or letters since they are very young. However, some children may take extra time and exercises to get to know the letters. Indeed, learning to know the letters is done gradually.

Not all children thrive on the same level. Hence, there are children who learn more, while the other children are a little late. More information about the exact age of introducing letters to a child can be read below!

ABC Songs

The ABC song is a common song that the parents have to introduce letters to children. Learning the alphabet happens gradually. Not all children develop at the same level, so some children learn earlier than others. But when children start KINDERGARTEN, most already know the alphabet. Here’s how and when children usually learn ABC:

  1. At age 2

Children begin to recognize some letters and can sing or pronounce the song “ABC” aloud.

  1. At the age of 3

Children can recognize about half a letter in the alphabet and start connecting letters with their voices.

  1. At 4 years of age

The children already know all the letters of the alphabet and their sequence.

  1. Kindergartens

Most children can match each letter with the sound it generates. As the age grows, children begin to develop other skills as well. For example, around the age of 2 or 3 years, children find out the letters in their name. When they start school, they also learn that there are uppercase letters and there are lowercase letters.

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The best way to help kids learn their ABC is to get them to experience a fun-related book and language. How?

  1. Read the story for the child

Parents can choose interesting picture books that are content of the child’s favorite cartoons, so that the children will be happy to linger on the book.

  1. Alphabet Puzzle

Another way to do this is to introduce the child to the alphabet puzzle book. This can help more specific children get acquainted with the letters.

  1. Creating Art Crafts

By making art crafts, the activity of knowing ABC is more enjoyable. Have the child make ABC with clay that is then composed or assembled into words.

  1. Put the magnetic letters in the refrigerator

Actually teaching the child to know the letter is not only done at the devoted time. Thus placing the letters in some parts of the House will make the child learn the letters faster. For example magnetic letters in the refrigerator. Letter hangers with the initials of the child’s name in front of the child’s room, etc.

  1. Game with Alphabet

For example by asking the child to mention as many animals as possible starting with the letter C.

Parents don’t need to buy anything new. Instead, check your warehouse, local thrift store, or library. Or talk to your family and friends with bigger children to see if they have something to bequeath to the mother’s child.

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