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What Are The Levels Of Dental Caries?

What Are The Levels Of Dental Caries?

How often do you hear the term tooth decay? This is a condition in which the structure and layer of tooth decay gradually. Tooth decay is usually caused by the habit of eating foods that are sweet or rarely brush your teeth. When eating sugary foods, bacteria will convert sugar levels from food residues into acids. The acid that accumulates in the teeth can become white, yellow, brown, or black plaque on the teeth if you are lazy and cannot brush your teeth.

There are five stages of tooth decay that you need to pay attention to. If you notice these signs in your teeth, try to see a doctor right away and take better care of your teeth so that they do not progress to a worse stage.

Stage 1: white spots
The first stage of tooth decay is characterized by the appearance of white, yellowish, or chalky spots on the top of the teeth. This is due to the loss of calcium. At this time, tooth decay can be treated with fluoride and minerals in saliva.

Stage 2: define the enamel
At this point, the tooth enamel begins to rot. This occurs beneath the surface layer. Once the enamel starts to rot, the damage is irreversible and the teeth need to be cleaned and restored by a dentist.

Stage three: tooth decay
If the cavity is not treated, decay will develop outside the enamel and begin to cause dentin or pulp from the teeth. This will cause pain, but the dentist can still handle the medication.

Stage four: pulp infection
When the pulp or nerve of a tooth becomes infected due to bacteria causing decay, the pus begins to form and the blood vessels and nerves in the pulp die. At this time, root canal treatment is often the most preferred treatment.

Fifth stage: abscess formation
At this last stage, the infection has reached the end of the tooth root. As a result, the bones around the teeth can also become infected. At this point, the pain is excruciating, as you may experience a tingling sensation in your cheeks. Usually, you will be given antibiotics to fight the infection. However, if the condition is severe, the preferred treatment is a root canal or tooth extraction.

Learn about the stages of tooth decay and it is very important to know so that you are more careful to perform the various precautions needed to prevent tooth decay from getting worse. Be careful from now on, one is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and use the steel bite pro teeth whitening supplement to help with the teeth whitening process.

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