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Vinyl’s: How Are They Made One of the most successful industries in the entire world is the music industry, where almost every artist and composer are getting popular to every ages, while also getting better along the way. In this day and age, there are actually a lot of ways to listen to music, like for example using a cassette player, CD player, listening on your mobile or online, or listening to vinyl’s. Vinyl music disc has been with us for a very long time indeed, but it is definitely still the best music devices to use to listen to music, nothing else can come close. Which is why, vinyl’s will never stop making music junkies happy, and I bet it will keep on improving for longer years to come. But how does a vinyl come to life you may ask, which is why in this article, I am going to tell you how vinyl’s are made. The step by step process on making vinyl’s can obviously be done only in a pressing plant, of course the pressing plant should have the tools, equipment, machinery and materials needed to do so, and the steps to manufacturing them is this- cutting, plating, pressing, printing folding, and the last parts are quality control and packaging. Cutting process is of course the first step on making vinyl’s, the individual who does the cutting need to be highly experienced and talented in doing perfect and proper cuts in the cutting room.
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The next step is the plating process, where in this process, the stampers which most vinyl manufacturers use for pressing the records are mainly produced from.
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After the plating process, the vinyl will have to be sent to the pressing room in pellet form, it needs to be formed using heavy pressure into a small pellet shape before it can be placed between the stampers to get pressed afterwards. While the pressing is undergoing, the printing and folding of sleeves is going on the other side, where the sleeves will be printed with the use of modernized technology printing machine in order to produce high quality sharpness and detail sleeves that is less prone to scratches, as well as getting the cardboard sleeves to be folded using a folding machine. And finally, the quality control and packaging process, where the positive vinyl will have to undergo a quality check before it will be deemed to be releasable for the public to use. I recommend that you should give vinyl a go and you will see how better and clearer it is than some of the newer music players in the market.