Looking On The Bright Side of Balloons

A Guide to Hot Air Balloon Rides

Looking for something distinct from any other vacation that you have already tackled? A hot air balloon ride may be just what you need. The average vacationer enjoys many different rides as part of their journey, from the airplane to car, boat, train, bike, ATVs, XUV etc. Although all these kinds of rides brings you from one point to another, it is not exactly that thrilling or that rousing. When you enter the balloon you place yourself in the hands of an experienced operator, and you may not even know exactly where you are going. Having a hot air balloon rise as part of your vacation is indeed something of a great adventure and a great experience.

One of the benefits you can get from riding in a hot air balloon is the very beautiful and natural scenery and spectacular mountain views near and far. As you rise up over those majestic peaks and get a glimpse of the valley bellow, traverse a wide forest or large beautiful lake and even crossover borough and see what is beyond them you are literally getting a bird’s eye view as you soar among the clouds and take in the beauty and the impressive touch of nature that is beyond the bounds of even the most spectacular and eye-catching video can provide.

If you want something romantic, take your hot air balloon ride during sunrise or sunset. Many couples ride the hot air balloon annually on the occasion of their anniversaries. The ideal times for riding the hot air balloon is thirty minutes before sunrise when the weather is coolest and the winds are the calmest for ballooning, and before sunset you should go around two and a half hours before it for clear visibility to both the traveler and the pilot.

You can you hot air balloon ride for another time if you are bringing kids with you and choose instead a cabin in the mountains or on a lake.

You should try the tethered hot air balloon rides first if you are first timer in which the balloon is restrained by one or more tethers attached to the ground and so cannot freely float. They are usually found during hot air balloon festivals where enthusiasts and visitors alike gather and often feature tethered rides to let others try it at a very affordable price. A tethered ride will give you an idea of what it feels to ride on a hot air balloon.

Many vacation places today offer hot air balloon rides which you wouldn’t want to miss. So why not make this the year to try this type of adventure.

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