Buying Managed WordPress Hosting? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) supports millions of users around the globe. It offers an easy and user-friendly platform for the development of blogs/websites. WordPress also has thousands of plugins and themes to optimize the performance of your website. However, a website is as good as the host and a good Managed WordPress Hosting plan can help you create an optimally performing website. Today, we will talk about all that you need to know about managed WP hosting plans.

Why should you opt for Managed WordPress Hosting plans? 

To run and manage your WordPress website efficiently, you need to:

  • Keep the core, plugins, and theme updated regularly.
  • Backup the WP database and entire site data on a regular basis
  • Regularly scan and monitor your website for security threats
  • A great technical support team.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services offer the following benefits:

Automatic Updates

WordPress, being an open-source platform, requires the developers and users to take constant security measures to keep threats and attackers at bay. The community of WP developers works tirelessly to enhance the security of the platform, add new features, and fix bugs. These enhancements are made available to WP users via updates. Theme and plugin developers also keep updating their tools to ensure optimum performance and security. Hence, it is important to keep your WP core, themes, and plugins updated at all times. While you can do the updates yourself, managed hosting service providers offer to update them automatically.

Automatic Backups

Despite the security measures taken by you to protect your website, there is always a possibility of a threat or an attack going undetected. Hence, it is important to create a backup of your website so that your data stays safe in case of a disaster. Losing valuable site data can be detrimental to the existence and growth of your business. Most Managed WordPress Hosting providers offer automatic daily backups as a part of the plan. You can take additional backups of your own to widen the safety net.

Regular Security Scans

Most hosting providers use the latest security tools to ensure the protection of your website. However, hosts offering managed WP hosting plans understand the specific security requirements of WordPress websites and conduct regular security scans to identify and eliminate any threats.

24×7 Support

Regardless of the platform or hosting type, a good technical support team is the backbone of any website. Most Managed WP Hosting providers offer 24×7 support to help you counter technical glitches with ease.

Some other Benefits include:

  • Redundant Data Storage
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Caching Servers
  • Security and backup tools like SiteLock and Codeguard
  • Scalability of Resources to manage traffic spikes, etc.

Summing Up

WordPress is a dynamic platform and requires a web host who understands its requirements and offers relevant hosting services. Managed WordPress Hosting plans are designed specifically and optimized for WordPress. This ensures that you don’t worry about the technicalities of hosting and focus your time, energy, and resources in expanding your business.

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