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10 Big Profit Packaged Beverage Businesses Small Risk


The Beverage Packaging Business is very much sought after. Business opportunities for bottled and bottled drinks. 10 kinds of drinks that promise and sell well. Proven analysis, prospects and success tips.

This article contains examples of packaged drinks that are successful in business, both home and industry. If you have decided on the type of drink, you can jump to: Tips for success in the packaged beverage business

I also suggest that you add insight into the Home Industry which is proven to be productive.

Packaged beverage business opportunities

Packaged Beverage Business Almost all sectors present good opportunities for this business. Where anyone needs a drink, that’s where the business is. Suppose you want to target school children. They must be thirsty from school from morning till evening and need a drink. When finished exercising, we also need to drink. make sure you have determined your target market first, please visit the official website here 3 day master class

Here are 10 examples of bottled beverage businesses that are in high demand.

Fresh Herbs

Jamu is a traditional drink which still has health effects and helps freshness. Even though it has started to be eroded with an increasingly modern era, don’t be afraid to start this extraordinary venture. with processed traditional herbal medicine which is rich in benefits and various kinds. Like turmeric, tamarind, kencur, ordered, and many others. With packaging that is easy to drink and easy to carry, it will really help consumers to consume it.


Bottled drinks from fruit juice will really help meet the needs of the fruit for the body. This is what you can use as an excellent long term investment business opportunity. With a variety of preparations or plunging directly into the kitchen, you can try a new start in a delicious fruit juice business that is able to dominate the market.


Yogurt is a drink that is widely consumed by people because of its unique taste, so you can also start a packaged beverage business so that it is easy to enjoy and even more so if you choose a variety of flavors that will give you a new look about yogurt. Thus, you can start a business consistently and give a touch of variety from the rich flavor of yogurt.


For drinks that have many lovers and connoisseurs, this will really help you to start a bottled beverage business that can give a new charm to the world of tea. With the name you have for this bottled beverage business, it will provide an interesting thing. Even more so if you are able to provide promotions that hit the hearts of your prospective customers.


You can also use coffee as an opportunity for a packaged beverage business that can give you a myriad of flavors. Likewise regarding the various flavors of coffee that you can process. Such as coffee latte, vanilla, tiramisu, mocca, cappuchino, and many others. By packaging coffee drinks into various flavors and rich colors, you can control a wider range of the right market.


Syrup has a lot of flavors, by processing many flavors from various kinds of fruit, for example, those that are easily liked by the wider community, namely strawberry, orange, melon, and many others, it will give its own sensation. Of course, you must still pay attention to the quality of taste and the right price for the bottled beverage business.


Nowadays, fresh milk with a variety of flavors is rife and has the effect of getting used to drinking milk for the wider community. So from that, you must be smart in choosing the right type of business, for example, packaged drinks. By providing a good quality taste, you can also use a variety of flavors that will not bore consumers even though they will drink it every day.


Juice is still a special drink in people’s hearts. Because of the many vitamins contained in it, make the juice elegant. What’s more, the juice can also be mixed with other fruits. So, there are many things that can be obtained from drinking juice other than vitamins and the fresh content of the fruit. By presenting a packaged drink in the form of juice, you will get a new point, namely being known. Why ??, because the type of beverage business you choose is a drink that is well known to the public, it’s even more known for its freshness.

Coconut essence

With all the needs for body fluids and activities every day that vary from one person to another, it will open up a business opportunity for you. The way is by presenting a new packaged drink entitled coconut juice. Because coconut juice is able to restore lost body fluids, it seems worth a try, with a quality taste of course. Thus, you can process a packaged drink that can have a positive impact on others.

Jelly Drink

You can also use jelly drinks as a reference to create a customized beverage business freshens the throat when thirst is greeted, and provides the pleasure of chewy jelly that can delay hunger as well. With a jelly drink that has several flavors, it will increase the interest of potential consumers in your packaged beverage business.

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