Ensure Baby’s Safety While Sleeping

“Is it better to sleep in the same bed or separate?”

These questions must always arise and be asked by new mothers. Babies, especially newborns, whose main job is to sleep, are adapting to a new environment. When you wake up, only to feed, or when you feel uncomfortable after urinating.

The question above concerns parents about the baby’s safety while sleeping because newborns are still very limited in their abilities. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the baby while sleeping, pay attention to the following points:

Babies sleep best on their backs. Parents can make sure the baby sleeps on their back, especially for babies who can’t roll over independently. Some parents feel that their baby sleeps more soundly when he is on his stomach, but if he is accustomed to sleeping on his back from birth, the next baby will sleep comfortably and soundly on his back.

Place the baby (especially in the first six months) in a baby cot or crib, close to us. Compared to being in the same bed with parents. Babies are at risk of falling, covered by blankets or parental limbs when in the parent’s bed.

Ensure the room where the baby sleeps is free from cigarette smoke or the remnants of cigarette smoke on the father’s clothes that may smoke elsewhere. Although simple, this is very important because even the smallest toxic particles of cigarette smoke can settle and harm the baby’s health.

Make sure the sheets on the crib are snug and tight, and the crib is free of objects, toys, dolls, blankets, or pillows. Do not put a blanket on the baby because the baby is at risk of being covered or wrapped in the blanket. Usually, they will swaddle newborns to make them more comfortable and awake from uncontrolled body reflex movements.

To keep babies warm while sleeping, we can use atelier choux products that have excellent features, such as premium materials that are very safe for babies and designs that ensure safety and provide comfort when the baby sleeps, with the right length and slack so that the baby remains free to move. Atelier choux pairs make unique designer swaddles and crib sheets.