The Impact of an Outdoor Curriculum on Student Learning

An outdoor curriculum follows the idea of teaching students by going out of the classroom. When they are outdoors, they experience the world, try doing things and learn in a more authentic environment. The problem with the current educational setting is that everything is inside the class.

There are a lot of abstract concepts students can’t relate to. They also feel bored doing the same thing over and over again. They tend to develop academically, but this is the only aspect that is trained. For holistic learning, the head, heart, and mind must be developed. This can be a reality if you follow an outdoor curriculum.

Essential strategies

There are a lot of things a teacher can do in line with this curriculum. Science teachers, for instance, can teach the impact of global warming by visiting forests and coastlines. They can explain how human activities have changed the landscape of the world and made it the mess that it is now. Students will then have a better understanding as opposed to just talking about the concepts of global warming where everything is vague.

Another strategy is to make them observe their surroundings and write how they feel. This can be used in a language class. They can share deeper emotions when they can reflect and spend time thinking about what they have to say. This also makes them provide a more authentic response since they are in nature. You can provide feedback to improve their writing skills, but you are certain that they will have something to write as they are inspired. Allow them to just be in the class and you will most likely receive an empty paper.

Study trips abroad are also very useful. A lot of schools have integrated these into their curriculum to provide more opportunities for students to study and learn in other countries. They can learn foreign languages, interact with other people, and try their dishes. As a result, they have a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and have a wider perspective on life. This is a perfect strategy for social science classes. You can organise a studietur in Malaga if you want to learn more about this historic city and find out what it has to offer.

It is challenging but effective

The idea of outdoor curriculum might be something you are not receptive to at first. You think that it won’t work. It is a safety risk. You also don’t want to take lots of students to far-away places. In the end, though, you will realise that the benefits outweigh the risks. Therefore, you will find this curriculum really effective.

A lot of schools have given it a try and parents were very satisfied with the changes seen in their children.