Benefits of Summer School

When you hear “summer school,” you may think about forcing students to attend school during the summer because they failed classes or fell behind, but summer school offers many more benefits than just retaking failed classes. As you search for a local summer school program, e.g., summer school Redmond WA, consider the following benefits.

Students Can Get Ahead in School

Yes, students who struggle during the school year can attend summer school to retake courses or get extra help, but parents may also send their students to summer school to expand their learning. Some programs allow students to work at their own pace, so they may be able to skip grades or graduate early. In addition, these programs help boost standardized test scores because they allow the students to focus on their academic progress all year, which helps them gain a better understanding of core courses, such as English, history and math. They may also practice taking tests, reducing their test anxiety.

Students Retain What They Have Learned

During their summer vacations, students lose a significant amount of their knowledge. For example, many students lose two-and-one-half months of their math knowledge and skills over their three-month summer vacations. Therefore, students who attend summer school maintain their knowledge and don’t fall behind when they start school again in the fall.

Summer School Offers Smaller Class Sizes

Not every student pursues summer school. In fact, most students take their summers off. Therefore, those who do attend summer school experience smaller class sizes. This allows these students to gain more one-on-one attention from teachers, which promotes their understanding of the topics they are learning.

Because summer school students have smaller classes, they have fewer distractions. They may also focus on one class at a time, so they aren’t consistently switching subjects.

Students gain many benefits from summer school attendance. Consider researching local summer school programs to learn how your student can benefit.

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